Gel-e’s total service solution unlocks the power of SharePoint specifically for the SMB market in collaboration with proactive and progressive IT partners to achieve mutual growth and penetration into the exploding Office 365 market, and enables end-user businesses to move more of their day-to-day activity to Microsoft’s platform.

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Gel-e’s total service solution unlocks the power of SharePoint specifically for the SMB market in collaboration with proactive and progressive IT partners to achieve mutual growth and penetration into the exploding Office 365 market, and enables end-user businesses to move more of their day-to-day activity to Microsoft’s platform.

For a free half hour introduction to SharePoint & how to leverage its power in your business

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Gel-e works extensively within the Microsoft partner network with strong relationships across regional and capital centres in Australia and Internationally. These partnerships are continually expanding and achieving additional exposure and business opportunities for both the Gel-e Solution and the Partner.

Gel-e delivers its service through our engagement with Partners to their clients through templated business solutions, and offers a white label option for our Partners. In all cases the partner remains Partner of Record and provides front facing support.

Why partner with Gel-e?

  • To open up further technologies to your existing Office 365 customers.
  • To position your company as being at the cutting edge of cloud services/technologies.
  • To achieve greater traction in cloud services for your customers and enhance customer retention.
  • To focus on what you do well and align with a partner that has expertise in SharePoint to expand your product offering to customers.
  • Because we recognise the challenge of explaining the cloud to clients.
  • To build an additional revenue stream for your business on a recurring revenue model with healthy available margins.

What partnering with Gel-e brings to you:

  • Strong business process knowledge, demonstrated SharePoint expertise, potential growth channels.
  • Access to SharePoint expertise via proven, pre-configured sites and support for businesses wanting to enhance processes and productivity.
  • A solution focused on the needs of the end-user and making the process simple.
  • Growth opportunities for your business utilising the Office 365 platform with additional SharePoint functionality.
  • Wholesale partner pricing model allowing for sound operating margins.

The on-boarding process:

  • Gel-e meets with the Partner regarding the relationship, assess their needs/scope and provide an additional in-depth presentation of the capabilities of the Gel-e solution.
  • Sign partnership agreements and confirm SLA2 requirements
  • Activate access to partner branded demo site(s) – applicable to the white label model
  • Training of the partner & internal representatives.
  • Attend an initial customer meeting with the partner (or representative).
  • On-going relationship management from a dedicated Account Manager.

In implementing our solutions with Partners we focus on 4 key areas:



  • Project delivery lifecycle
  • Who, what , when & allocation of resources
  • Plan support for employees
  • Security, business continuity, IT disaster recovery
  • System health checks
  • Change management



  • Audit of current environment prior to setting plan
  • Step through what is to be migrated
  • Communicate with the business – let everyone who uses the system know what will change, when and how it will change for the
  • Set process for dealing with issues, need to factor in down time.



  • Onsite rollout of migration plan
  • Communication to stakeholders
  • Complete project management


Ongoing Support:

  • Structured SharePoint support via service level agreements
  • Knowledge base for clients
  • How to videos

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Our offering to our Partners clients is focused on a phased growth approach enabling their businesses to become self-sufficient. We remain conscious of the need to avoid compromises between what users and management need and want and work with businesses as they migrate not only to the Cloud but into the Office 365 environment, and beyond.

Gel-e aligns with our partners to provide solutions for their clients based on a “bottom up” approach that allows for cost-effective implementation and the flexibility to develop as a business grows. In this way Gel-e enables Partners to ensure that their clients transition to the cloud is smooth and painless.

Current Products:

The Gel-e templated solutions build on the core document management capabilities of SharePoint and are tuned to target different types of businesses, the core templates are:

  • Small Business
  • Professional Services
  • NonProfit
  • Projects
  • Multi Entity/Projects
  • Community
  • Early Stage Franchise
  • Billboard
  • IT Services

Other Services:

As a total service provider, Gel-e works in conjunction with our partners in additional ways:

  • Partner & Sales team product delivery training
  • Client discovery and scoping sessions
  • Client training
  • File creation and data migration

What the Gel-e Solution & Services provide to the End-User:

  • A simple solution that allows a business to run on its terms and at its pace
  • Access to enterprise level functionality at a small business price
  • Time and energy – we can get a business set up, saving time and giving access to our business expertise
  • Training to get a business started and stay on track
  • Access to a growing library of “How To” videos
  • Assistance with getting a business’ information/data into SharePoint
  • Consultation around how the business works with information, cleaning out “debris” and development of the right structure for the business.

Our key focus and capability is in supporting organisations with the design and governance of SharePoint implementations. This is delivered by three key functions:


  • Governance Long term, best practice, guidance of clients’ in-house information management and SharePoint governance teams, providing an independent and expert perspective.
  • Operational Consulting & Support A conduit for support and guidance. Rather than break-fix support, this is focused on enabling clients to access expert advice before things go wrong
  • Business & Project Guidance Advice and guidance with regards to finding and delivering solutions to business problems through effective and best practice technical implementations.

Who & What is Gel-e

The Gel-e solution offers all the functionality of Microsoft’s leading technology framework, which was developed for large enterprises, packaged in a cost effective and user-friendly structure that allows small businesses access to systems and information management tools previously only available to larger corporate businesses. This is delivered for a manageable monthly fee and provided to our Partners on a wholesale model with the option to White Label the solution.

Built on the Microsoft Office 365 platform and utilising SharePoint online, the Gel-e solution Gel-e enables our partners’ clients to move more of their day-to-day activity to Office 365.

We focus on what we do best to allow our Partners to focus on their strengths and bring enhanced services to their clients without the expense and development time required to do so. Gel-e is not an IT provider, we don’t do desktop support or manage networks, we don’t cut code or build fancy custom widgets. Your customers remain yours, we do not assume the relationship with them.

Gel-e has been developed and designed to allow end users seamless and instant access to all the benefits of Office 365, and SharePoint online, without requiring time-consuming and expensive training, hardware and implementation costs so often incurred with IT projects. This achieved without custom coded solutions or third party products to lock you in or create problems as a business grows.

Gel-e has deliberately avoided opening the full functionality of SharePoint that scares people. Instead, we identify what a client needs and make it available to them in stages so they can use the system first and develop it as they identify their path forward. We identify what is needed by a client in the here and now and set up a process whereby we (and the Partner) can grow with them in a collaborative and long term relationship.

Above all else, we consider the people we’re going to affect and deliver on their needs, our consultation delivers beyond what has been asked for or assumed.

Our Mantras:

  • Gel-e provides the Service, Microsoft provides the Product, the Partner delivers to its clients.
  • Out of the box configuration.
  • Prove before you move.
  • Empowering our partners.

“From the first meeting we felt comfortable moving ahead with Gel-e. The ease of use and simple adoption of the system was just what we were looking for. More than the system though was the personal attention they paid to us and our staff. To have service providers able to give examples from our system and talk through ways to develop our systems rather than just tell us the problems was refreshing. We still have lots to do, but we can do it in our own time with the support not only of JGB but also Gel-e as we grow”

Mike Anderson, CEO

“It has been an inspiring and liberating experience to collaborate with Gel-e and JGB to drive CSA (Connecting Skills Australia) from a traditional service provider to an organisation of the future, utilising the talented skills of Penny Hayes (Gel-e) and Adam & Wayne from JGB.”

Sharon Exton, CSA

“I’m very proud of the Cloud and Unified Communication solutions we’ve delivered for Connecting Skills Australia and thoroughly enjoyed working with Sharon Exton from CSA and Penny Hayes and Mark Rothwell at Gel-e. It was an absolute pleasure working with Gel-e on this project and we look forward to our next collaboration.”

Adam Nightingale  – Partner

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